We Wanted to Get Repeat Customers

When my husband and I looked at our sales for the previous year, we knew that we had to do something. While they were still increasing, the growth rate had significantly declined. We needed to gain more customers at a faster rate, which made us examine our advertising and marketing approach. We were placing newspaper ads and had rented a few billboards, but we were not getting the increase we had hoped for. We looked online for some business tips, and that is how we first started considering business postcards.

It made perfect sense once we thought about it. People don’t read the newspapers like they used to, and they are more distracted by their cell phones while driving than they are billboards. But, with business postcards, they would definitely look at them because everyone looks at every piece of mail that they receive. I am not saying that every single piece gets read, but people are going to look at everything, including postcards, for at least a second or two to deem it worthy or not of their attention. Since we would have their attention for at least that long, we knew that we could hold it if we had a really nice postcard.

That was another nice feature of this website. They offer support from the very beginning. If a person knows exactly what they want, they are able to make the postcard on their own. However, for new customers like us, we were given a lot of detailed information on which postcards would work best for us and why. We ended up getting a postcard that had a coupon on it, so potential customers could bring in the postcard and get significant savings. We knew that if we could get them in the door the first time, we would have no problem bringing them back time and time again.