Us Men and Our Much Needed Gun Accessories

My wife said that me buying a gun is like her buying a new outfit. She said I cannot be happy with just having the gun. No, I have to buy a bunch of gun accessories to go with it. She said it is like when she gets a new dress for work or our date nights. She needs the accessories of shoes, jewelry and a handbag to match. I get it. Us guys are no different. We just have different things that we choose for getting accessories for. I do admit that if I get a pistol, I need to get a holster to fit it and often a set of custom grips. I like the rubberized grips for revolvers, and the deep checkering of specialized grips for shooting pistols.

For my hunting rifles and shotguns, I get gun accessories such as neoprene camo kits to fit them. I slip them on the gun to go hunting. They fit like a second skin, and the cushiony neoprene protects the metal and wood surfaces. I put a neoprene scope cover on guns that have optics too. My wife saw me putting a camo kit on a bolt-action .308 I have the other day as I was getting ready to go hunting. She asked me if I was dressing up my gun. She said she used to do that with her baby dolls when she was a little girl. She asked me if I had action figures growing up. She is hilarious, and she does make a point.

I have gone out and bought new hunting clothes in a camo pattern to match the cover I got for my gun. I guess that is the ultimate in accessorizing for a guy. I am just glad I have never poked fun or made a comment about her getting accessories for her wardrobe. Well, if I have, I will certainly not do it again.