This is Definitely the Right Move for Us

I wanted to get a dog for my daughter, so I talked to my landlord to see if he would be okay with it. He was adamant that we would not be allowed to have a pet of any kind, but I had already started talking to my daughter about it. I was not going to disappoint her, so I just started looking at apartments near North Charleston SC that do allow pets. The apartment that we had been living in was okay, but there was nothing special about it.

When my daughter and I saw all the apartment complexes that allow pets, we started to get really excited because they are all so much nicer than what we had been living in. Our old apartment had a certain charm about it because of how old it is, but it also had a lot of issues because of its age. When we saw all the modern apartment complexes and the nice amenities that they offer, we knew that we were going to have a hard time choosing the apartment we would call home. Even after limiting it only to the apartment complexes that kept my daughter in the same school district, it still left us plenty to look at.

We finally decided on Cooper’s Ridge. The main thing is that they do allow dogs. Yes, that is plural, because they said that we could have two dogs here. While we only have one right now, I have a feeling we will have a second one in the very near future. There are so many things here too, like the pool, fitness center, picnic areas, and more. The apartment is really nice too! It is much bigger than the one we lived in before, and the rent is extremely affordable too. This was definitely the right move for us.