There Are Things That I Look Before Renting an Apartment

I used to find it interesting that a lot of apartments in NYC are located inside buildings that have long hallways that are not open to the outside elements. I always thought this was a good idea for safety reasons. Then, I noticed many other countries have the same type of apartment buildings. Now, in my own city, the same types of properties are cropping up. I was looking through 30339 apartments and found quite a few. As a female who lives on her own, the ability to live in a building that is more secure has been very appealing to me. I’ve had issues in the past, and I have wanted to feel more safe ever since then.

I have always believed that living on the second floor of a building is a good idea because not many thieves want to carry your big screen TV down two flights of stairs. It’s too hard for them to get away quickly. The same goes for bicycles. Most criminals would not try to carry something that large down steep stairs while they are running to get away. That just would not be a smart move. And the fact that there are long hallways to go down in a building that is enclosed is nice because there are doors on either side of a hallway, and anyone could hear a criminal breaking in across the hall easily.

I found a place that offered me a 3D walkthrough of their entire property online. Not only did they let me tour the outside grounds, they let me do the same inside several of their apartment units. I noticed that things seemed so much more secure because they have an enclosed building. This is exactly the sort of place I have been hoping to move into for years.