The Visitors Won’t Stop Coming

Ever since finding an espresso machine on Cuppabean, everyone has been coming over to my home. It’s funny, because there is a coffee shop not far from where I live, but everyone prefers to drink the espressos that my machine makes. Before I got the machine, I would get a few visitors occasionally, but now it seems like I have people coming over every day. Since I am a gracious host, I offer them a beverage, and the first thing that comes to their mind is an espresso. I don’t mind having guests, but they have to realize that I can’t serve them all of the time.

I still have to buy the coffee for the machine, and if everyone is coming over all of the time to drink espresso, then I’ll run out a lot faster and have to keep buying more. I wish people would donate a little money if they’re going to be drinking my espressos so often. That money would help me get more so that I could continue serving them. It would almost be like having my own coffee shop, but I would rather not do that. There’s a lot of work that goes into running a coffee shop, and I don’t want to have that responsibility.

I’ve told my friends where they can get their own machine so they can make their own espressos instead of relying on me to make them, but they don’t seem interested in buying a machine. They know that if they buy one, everyone else will want to come to their home and they’ll have to serve espressos just like I’ve been doing. Maybe I should just stop answering the door or my phone whenever people contact me about wanting to come to my home. That way I can drink all of the espresso myself.