The Trail of Chief Firewolf

I love making movies. Ever since I was a little boy, I had always been interested in the television and film industry. My passion for movies is immeasurable. My wife Jenny also shares my passion. That is one of the reasons I feel in love with her. We own our own production company together. Jenny and I always support each others endeavors. She is producing a new reality show. I am making a new movie. It is a big budget historical piece. I will make a move about a chief with a feather headdress with powers. It think it will blow peoples minds.

My movie will focus around Chief Firewolf, a young Native American who leads his tribe against threats. The main threat is the presence of the settlers. They seek to take over the land of Firewolf’s people. The young chief realizes that it is his destiny to save his people and his land from evil. It is truly a coming of age story.

The budget for my movie is pretty small. I decided to use unknown actors to cut down on the costs. I will hire Native American actors to play roles and give advice on the movie. I will also use Native Americans to be consultants. They will add to the authenticity of the movie.

I also plan to use extras in shots with large groups. I will save most of the budget for the costumes and other props that are crucial for the filming of the movie. I have decided to film this movie in Oklahoma. It has a prairie that will be perfect for the sacred land of Firewolf.

The headdress of Firewolf will be very important for the film. I hired a costume designer to make it. He is going to use real rooster feathers, beads, and leather. It will be so perfect for my movie.