The Pad on Harvard Has Stupendous Studio Apartments

My cousin says he is going to be a bachelor at least for the next 10 years. I explained that love does not work that way. He said, “When ya ain’t lookin’, ya won’t find it.” I explained to him again that love does not work that way. Anyway, our conversation started because he was looking for a studio apartment in the midtown Atlanta area. He did not want to be far from his new job. He is a southern boy, but he can turn the accent on and off like a switch. I sent him the link for him to check out. By far The Pad has the coolest studio apartment spaces I have seen. They actually have a separate bedroom area unlike some of the cramped spaces we both have lived in when we first started our career trajectories.

I have been about marriage, a house and a family. My wife and I have a nice small home in the suburbs of Atlanta, and I do not mind the commute to my job. My cousin wants to be close to where he works to be ready for a quick response when he is on call. He is in the field of medicine, and I can barely talk about his work with him. I am the type of guy that freaks out if I get a splinter. My own wife thinks I’m a wimp, but she loves me anyway. My cousin has always been the Spartan in the family. He would live in a broom closet in the hospital if they let him. I joked that he only rented the studio apartment to have an address for his driver’s license as he spends so much time working.

However, his place is actually very nice and quite comfortable. It is much bigger than I thought it would be when I saw that it was under 1,000 square feet. His kitchen is great, and there is room to entertain a couple of people comfortably. I mean, he is not going to be hosting any dinner parties at his studio apartment, but there is a lot more room there than I thought there would be. The perfect bachelor pad for my cousin.