The Day My Wife Gave Me the Ultimatum to Go See a Chiropractor in Peoria or else

I have never felt right in my back since the time I was goofing around as a teenager trying to show how strong I was. I was attempting to lift the wheel of a small car off the ground so my “friends” would spread the word that I lifted a car. Well, that has been many years ago, and those “friends” are no longer part of my life, but the back pain still was. I have had times where I felt like I could barely move. My wife finally convinced me to see a chiropractor in Peoria. I would never go before because I had strong, but unfounded, opinions of chiropractic medicine. I was one of those guys who thought he knew it all. I was actually happy to be proven wrong for this one.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a jerk about things. I have opinions, but I mostly keep them to myself. My wife knows how I think and feel, but I am not a loudmouth about my views. I just would say something like, “Yeah, that’s an idea to consider,” when people told me to go see a chiropractor, but I would never go. My wife told me to go. She stopped asking and just told me to go. I know to just do what she says when she puts it that certain way. So do the kids, and I was acting like one. I went to the chiropractor in Peoria that she recommended, and I was skeptical but went through two weeks of treatment.

Well, my back has never felt better. The doctor was matter-of-fact with me telling me I needed to do my part and actually do the exercises he recommended. Now a few months later I have not experienced anymore flareups of pain. All those years of having that nerve pinched because of trying to lift a car to show off was now healing.