The Bank Sent Me to Singapore

I was quite happy where I was, but of course I am pretty much a company man. So when I found that the bank sent me to Singapore, I just not at all surprised. However they then started to ask me to find out how to do mobile app development in Singapore. The bank did not explain what they wanted me to get done or what sort of app they wanted, so that was a real obstacle to getting anything done. If you do not know what you are supposed to be trying to do it is really hard to get anything done. Of course personally I would have been happier if they had not sent me to Singapore. It is not like I have a real girlfriend right now, but I had been working on it. It was sort of a long term project I guess, since I was making such painfully slow progress on it

At any rate I am really going to miss the beaches and the surfing here in Sydney. Of course I have only been in Australia for about six months, but I surfed when I was a kid and it is a real passion there. Of course the first time out I sort of nearly got in over my head, not realizing how big the break was until I was out in the middle of it and nearly battered on the sea floor by it. That was a real wake up call for me to pay better attention to what I was doing and take the time to do my homework before I went out in the surf. Around Singapore there do not seem to be any true beaches or any place worth surfing closer than Java. I am not sure how safe it is there either.