Staying Current with Advancements in Civil Engineering Software

Civil engineering is a field with constant advancements and keeping track of them and how to implement them into your work can be difficult to tackle. This can be especially true when it comes to trying to get the most out of different software. There are many benefits to engineering software, but the time it takes to truly master aspects of a given program can be prohibitive. ETABS is a great example of this as it is extremely useful in multi-story building design and analysis, but is fairly complex. Following a tutorial of etabs video recordings that lay out how to make better use of the software are helpful to civil engineers who are interested in incorporating this into their projects on a regular basis.

Thanks to civil engineering communities such as Civilax, there is a push to make civil engineers aware of the advancements taking place in the field and keeping them up to date on latest trends via a knowledge base so that they can be implemented. A software program such as ETABS that has modeling tools, templates, and data analysis can prove to be quite the time saver in determining how a project should proceed. It has intuitive and integrated features that are useful to multi-story building analysis and design. However, the capabilities of the software are vast and hard to deduce without proper instruction. Many don’t have the time to wait to learn this software and would benefit from using it now instead of later, when it is likely even more advancements will occur. These ETABS videos help to bridge the gap in teaching engineers in an effective way how to use the software, but without having to take a formal class to do so. Instead this can be self-paced and used as needed. These training videos and modules are good in-between solution to learning how to better use ETABS when performing multi-story building analysis.