Spent a Couple Weeks in Portugal

Of course I am not really sure where I am part of the time, but I have been able to get along pretty well. Portugal is a beautiful country and I have met a lot of great people while backpacking through it. Mostly I have been staying in hostels and campgrounds. There are all sorts of beautiful beaches and today I rented a surf board and hit the waves. I met this girl and spent the evening with her, she tried to teach me about Baixar Musica, which is some sort of Portuguese music download site. Obviously my grasp of her native language is tenuous at best, but her English is pretty good. I can understand her and she eventually gets what I am saying, however mostly we are both interested in music. When I met her I was playing a guitar on the beach, trying to learn this song from another guitar player.

The music here is really interesting to me, especially as I am studying how to play classical guitar. That is why Maria and I met, in fact she is probably a great deal better than I am. It was obvious that she is looking to form a group to perform here and she was disappointed when I told her that I had to be back at school in a month. We went to this cantina and performed for the tourists, although it was simply busking. Still that was a great night for me. I am not really sure about the busking laws here, although when you do it in a building that is up to the owner. At any rate she sang and danced and we got a lot of tips from the people who listened. Some of them told me that I looked very pale for a local.