Some of the Orient to You

When my daughter started at her school six years ago, she had the choice of taking Spanish or Chinese. I think that it was a great idea for her to take Chinese because it allowed her to expand her mind and learn a language that not many people in the Western part of the world know and it makes her stand out among all other people. I knew that going online and looking at websites was also going to help her find things that reminded her of her trip to China her freshman year, like the Kawaii online store where they have the imported Oriental goods from the far East and I personally think that it is absolutely wonderful that my daughter went to the country of China where she was able to practice her language and see how people on the other side of the world live.

We can always go online and look at pictures and videos of what people are doing from around the world, but unless you are right there standing next to the people who are native to the land, you are never going to fully understand what the area is like. You have to have a first hand knowledge and experience of a land to really understand what it’s all about. You could have the most beautiful land on the planet, but if it has bad vibes then it is almost a tease to even have that land. It should all be about good vibes and positive thoughts and experiences. I love that my daughter has been farther around the world than I have ever been. It is insane that she has also been to Europe and I have gone with her, twice. What a great experience that has been for us to share together.