So Close to the Stadium!

When I saw the link to click here, I figured I would see yet another marginal apartment complex that wouldn’t be worth my time. Moving to Atlanta has been such a time sink. I’ve moved to other cities around the country due to my job, but getting ready to move here has been a real challenge. Living in Atlanta is going to be a real challenge, I think. I’m looking at commute times that are off the charts. It’s a busy city and not an easy place to find a good place to live if my experience is anything to go by.

I’ve been taking my time doing research because the city is not only known for horrendous traffic conditions, but also for having a rather high crime rate. I’ve seen some real eye opening pieces in the local news outlets and I want to make sure I avoid all of those areas like the plague. That meant I had to really dig down into sites where locals post information about the city. That’s where I found the link, actually. It was put up by a resident of the complex and he only had great things to say about the place.

I can see why he said what he did after looking at the site. The place looks marvelous. The best thing is that it’s located very close to the Braves stadium, which is a definite plus as I love going to professional baseball games. Aside from that little perk, it’s in a very safe area in the region and also located to lots of shopping and dining areas. The best thing is that it is fairly close to my place of employment, which means I’ll avoid the worst of the horrid commute times most have to put up with in Atlanta. I can’t wait to move in!