Rodgers Forge Gave Me My Family

I wanted to move, but I honestly didn’t think I would find anything much better than what I had. I have since learned that I should never discount anything before investigating, because it turns out that there was a lot of things out there that are better than my former apartment. I got a special ad in my email that said to click here, and it had some local apartment listings on it. I had to smile when I got to Rodgers Forge because I saw where they not only allow pets but they also have a fenced in dog park where they can play.

I had never had a dog before, but that was only because I had never lived at a place that would allow me to have one. That really was the only deciding factor once I saw that I would be able to afford to live there. The rent was actually cheaper than what I pay now because water, sewage and garbage fees are included, whereas I had to pay them on my own before. There are so many great things about Rodgers Forge, and I am so glad that I clicked on that link to find out more.

After getting settled in to my new apartment, I went to the animal shelter and adopted Gracie Lou, and I am actually thinking of getting her a sister since I am allowed to have two pets here. In addition to having my very own dog, I also have a washer and dryer right here in my apartment, and that is a dream come true for sure. The hardwood floors, granite countertops, and appliances just make this the perfect place for me. I am much happier now that Gracie Lou is a part of my life, and living here at Rodgers Forge is what made her possible for me.