Spending More for Piece of Mind

I was looking at the luxury apartments for rent in North Dallas because I wanted to pay more to live in the city. I wanted to live in the city because I was living with friends in the suburbs and it was all families in our area and next door. I knew that it was going to be a lot of money to have some extras, but I had no idea how much was available for me. Some of the apartments actually have a concierge that will help you get your laundry and run errands for you, but this comes at a high fee. You can pay a monthly fee to have a full concierge at your services, any time of the day. Continue reading Spending More for Piece of Mind

So Close to the Stadium!

When I saw the link to click here, I figured I would see yet another marginal apartment complex that wouldn’t be worth my time. Moving to Atlanta has been such a time sink. I’ve moved to other cities around the country due to my job, but getting ready to move here has been a real challenge. Living in Atlanta is going to be a real challenge, I think. I’m looking at commute times that are off the charts. It’s a busy city and not an easy place to find a good place to live if my experience is anything to go by.

I’ve been taking my time doing research because the city is not only known for horrendous traffic conditions, but also for having a rather high crime rate. I’ve seen some real eye opening pieces in the local news outlets and I want to make sure I avoid all of those areas like the plague. That meant I had to really dig down into sites where locals post information about the city. That’s where I found the link, actually. Continue reading So Close to the Stadium!

Everything is Working out for Us

I knew I was going to move closer to Charlotte, but I had no idea that I would end up moving into the city itself. I thought that it would cost too much money to have an apartment there on my own, but it turned out that a good friend of mine was wanting to move closer to the city as well. She had been searching apartments in South End Charlotte for a while, but she knew that she was going to have to get a roommate to make it work out for her.

When she approached me about my own search for a nice apartment, she proposed that we join forces. Continue reading Everything is Working out for Us

There Are Things That I Look Before Renting an Apartment

I used to find it interesting that a lot of apartments in NYC are located inside buildings that have long hallways that are not open to the outside elements. I always thought this was a good idea for safety reasons. Then, I noticed many other countries have the same type of apartment buildings. Now, in my own city, the same types of properties are cropping up. I was looking through 30339 apartments and found quite a few. As a female who lives on her own, the ability to live in a building that is more secure has been very appealing to me. I’ve had issues in the past, and I have wanted to feel more safe ever since then.

I have always believed that living on the second floor of a building is a good idea because not many thieves want to carry your big screen TV down two flights of stairs. It’s too hard for them to get away quickly. The same goes for bicycles. Continue reading There Are Things That I Look Before Renting an Apartment

I Found a Place Close to the Office

I was about to start looking for a new place to live when this guy from work told me that he was looking to move to these apartments on Vance Jackson in San Antonio. Of course he was telling me this because he wanted to find a roommate. In fact I am not really sure that I would move in with him, but the rest of the idea is pretty solid. You could not walk to the office from this apartment complex, but it is very close and if I had a bike then it would be quite short. Continue reading I Found a Place Close to the Office

I Wish I Could Afford This Place

It was not as though I wanted to find a place that was so far over my budget, but of course I was distracted by the fact that the place has such a great pool. It is enormous, or at least the patio around it is. There is a big screen TV out there and the wi fi connection worked good when I tried it. I started out by searching the web for Atlantic Station Atlanta apartments and I found the web page. I knew right off that it was going to cost more than I wanted to pay, but the location was pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find. It is strange to look at the web page however, because there seems to be a lot of random photos. Continue reading I Wish I Could Afford This Place

Most Luxurious Place I’ve Ever Lived

I decided to seek out South Charlotte NC apartments after my wife passed away. We owned a very nice and luxurious six figure home, but it felt so empty without her presence. Our kids are long gone, having grown up years ago and moved on to their own lives, and that meant I spent a lot of time moping around this huge home wondering what I was going to do with my life. Since I retired several years ago, I didn’t have a career in which I could pour my grief. I spent about a year here before deciding to move on.

As I prepared to sell the house, I also had to spend a lot of time looking for a new living space. Continue reading Most Luxurious Place I’ve Ever Lived

The Day My Wife Gave Me the Ultimatum to Go See a Chiropractor in Peoria or else

I have never felt right in my back since the time I was goofing around as a teenager trying to show how strong I was. I was attempting to lift the wheel of a small car off the ground so my “friends” would spread the word that I lifted a car. Well, that has been many years ago, and those “friends” are no longer part of my life, but the back pain still was. I have had times where I felt like I could barely move. My wife finally convinced me to see a chiropractor in Peoria. I would never go before because I had strong, but unfounded, opinions of chiropractic medicine. I was one of those guys who thought he knew it all. Continue reading The Day My Wife Gave Me the Ultimatum to Go See a Chiropractor in Peoria or else

Slipped in a Parking Lot

I was not really paying attention to where I was going, but I got a full grasp of the situation when I suddenly went backwards into the parking lot. It hurt a great deal. I had no clue what had happened, but immediately there was a guy standing over me. He worked for the grocery store and he had a bottle of detergent in his hand. I rubbed my pants because they were wet and I realized that it smelled like cooking oil. The manager was scared that I would sue them, but they paid for the Redding chiropractor and that was good enough for me. At first I was not too worried about it though. Continue reading Slipped in a Parking Lot

I Had to Get My Back Fixed Today

I was not really expecting what happened. I was going out in the parking lot and I was looking for my keys. All of a sudden I heard some sirens and then this guy almost run me over on one of those Japanese motorcycles. The cops had lost him, but they eventually found me. I had dove out of the way and hurt my back on the asphalt. It did not seem too bad at first, but I had to eventually go to see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills. Continue reading I Had to Get My Back Fixed Today

This is Definitely the Right Move for Us

I wanted to get a dog for my daughter, so I talked to my landlord to see if he would be okay with it. He was adamant that we would not be allowed to have a pet of any kind, but I had already started talking to my daughter about it. I was not going to disappoint her, so I just started looking at apartments near North Charleston SC that do allow pets. The apartment that we had been living in was okay, but there was nothing special about it.

When my daughter and I saw all the apartment complexes that allow pets, we started to get really excited because they are all so much nicer than what we had been living in. Our old apartment had a certain charm about it because of how old it is, but it also had a lot of issues because of its age. Continue reading This is Definitely the Right Move for Us

Rodgers Forge Gave Me My Family

I wanted to move, but I honestly didn’t think I would find anything much better than what I had. I have since learned that I should never discount anything before investigating, because it turns out that there was a lot of things out there that are better than my former apartment. I got a special ad in my email that said to click here, and it had some local apartment listings on it. I had to smile when I got to Rodgers Forge because I saw where they not only allow pets but they also have a fenced in dog park where they can play.

I had never had a dog before, but that was only because I had never lived at a place that would allow me to have one. That really was the only deciding factor once I saw that I would be able to afford to live there. Continue reading Rodgers Forge Gave Me My Family

The Pad on Harvard Has Stupendous Studio Apartments

My cousin says he is going to be a bachelor at least for the next 10 years. I explained that love does not work that way. He said, “When ya ain’t lookin’, ya won’t find it.” I explained to him again that love does not work that way. Anyway, our conversation started because he was looking for a studio apartment in the midtown Atlanta area. He did not want to be far from his new job. He is a southern boy, but he can turn the accent on and off like a switch. I sent him the www.padonharvard.com link for him to check out. By far The Pad has the coolest studio apartment spaces I have seen. They actually have a separate bedroom area unlike some of the cramped spaces we both have lived in when we first started our career trajectories.

I have been about marriage, a house and a family. My wife and I have a nice small home in the suburbs of Atlanta, and I do not mind the commute to my job. My cousin wants to be close to where he works to be ready for a quick response when he is on call. He is in the field of medicine, and I can barely talk about his work with him. Continue reading The Pad on Harvard Has Stupendous Studio Apartments

A House We Can Call Home

When I decided to start looking for a new house, I knew what that really meant was that I had to start looking at Palo Alto real estate agents to find the one who would be able to find me the perfect home. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have the time nor desire to look at a bunch of houses that I would probably reject. I would rather have someone look at the different houses that fit my criteria and put a list together for me so I could just look at all of them at once. Continue reading A House We Can Call Home

SEO is Important for Websites

When you have a website, you naturally want people to visit it. Whether it is for entertainment, information or to purchase goods, the only way someone will see it is either by word of mouth or good search engine optimization. Word of mouth is great, but it can only get you so far. To reach farther than what word of mouth can, you really need to understand how to optimize your website so it remains relevant on search engine results pages. That is why I started looking into the best SEO software that is available.

I have a website, and I want more people to come and visit it. Continue reading SEO is Important for Websites

I Wanted My IPhone Unlocked

I wanted to get my iPhone unlocked, but I had no idea how to do that. I have heard of other people going online to find out the way to unlock their own phones, so I decided to do the same. The only concern with me was I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to technical things. One of my kids always took care of these things, but they have all moved away. I figured I could perhaps handle it though, so I went online and did a search for phone carrier free unlock to see what results I would get.

I am really happy to say that I found a site that is just perfect for what I needed. I do have an older model phone, so I was concerned that it might just be too old for this. Continue reading I Wanted My IPhone Unlocked

Spent a Couple Weeks in Portugal

Of course I am not really sure where I am part of the time, but I have been able to get along pretty well. Portugal is a beautiful country and I have met a lot of great people while backpacking through it. Mostly I have been staying in hostels and campgrounds. There are all sorts of beautiful beaches and today I rented a surf board and hit the waves. I met this girl and spent the evening with her, she tried to teach me about Baixar Musica, which is some sort of Portuguese music download site. Obviously my grasp of her native language is tenuous at best, but her English is pretty good. I can understand her and she eventually gets what I am saying, however mostly we are both interested in music. When I met her I was playing a guitar on the beach, trying to learn this song from another guitar player. Continue reading Spent a Couple Weeks in Portugal

Going to Look for a New Job

I have been trying to find a better job lately, one which is both better paying and which is less of an ordeal. The big problem with this job is that it is not in a good location for the rest of my life. Of course when I look at my paycheck stub that does not make me feel better about it. If I was making a good bit more money, then the hassle of getting to and from the office would bother me a lot less. As it is I am getting up at twenty past six in the morning. Continue reading Going to Look for a New Job

Great Dishes Made with Okra

After learning about the health benefits of okra, I’ve gone from simply eating the vegetable as a side dish during Sunday dinner, to eating it almost every day. Much like many other vegetables, I knew that okra was good for me, but I never realized just how good. The vegetable is packed with vitamins that can do things like fight off diseases and lower cholesterol. I’m not a fan of eating okra raw, so I had to come up with new and creative ways to prepare the okra that don’t simply involve boiling them in a pot like I would do on Sunday.

I experimented with some low fat meals by sauteing some sliced okra in a pan with some tofu an rice. It was an attempt to create an Asian style dish, and it turned out pretty well. I had an idea that I borrowed from another recipe. When I cook on the grill, I usually put a few stalks of asparagus on there with a bit of salt and lemon juice for flavor. I did the same thing with the okra and it tasted phenomenal. Continue reading Great Dishes Made with Okra

Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium is a Neat Learning Experience

Setting up a saltwater aquarium is a lot of work. If you do not get the water correct, you can lose the fish you buy. And if you know the prices of saltwater animals, you know that can be a whole lot of money really fast. The nice thing about setting up a saltwater aquarium is that you can add living creatures such as urchins and corals. I was looking for corals for sale online to surprise my wife. We were going to add them to our tank as soon as we could afford them. We have been able to maintain a saltwater aquarium water balance for three weeks in our new tank. We were really itching to add some aquatic species.

Saltwater aquariums are beautiful. However, they are a lot of work. Continue reading Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium is a Neat Learning Experience