A Walking Injury or Something Worse?

Thank the stars for the Bakersfield chiropractor I eventually went to because I thought I was never going to be able to walk again. Walking is a big deal for me because I’m getting older and I spend most of my day and well into the night peering into a computer screen as part of my job. I don’t get a lot of time for serious exercise, so I always carve out an hour or so at night to stroll around the neighborhood. It’s not the same as hitting the gym, but it’s still better than nothing.

Recently I noticed something wrong with one of my feet. Basically it hurt. The pain increased in severity, too, although oddly enough sometimes the pain would totally drop off and I would feel fine. Continue reading A Walking Injury or Something Worse?

They Do a Great Job on My Nails

When I decided to treat myself, I knew that I wanted to find a salon that does manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I used to go to a nail salon where I used to live on a pretty regular basis, but I had not been to one since I moved here nearly six months ago. My nails were a wreck, and I just wanted to do something nice for myself since life had turned less chaotic for me. It did not take me but a few seconds to know that the way to do this would be to make my nails look really nice again.

Presentation is everything, and while I still did an okay job of presenting myself, I knew that it was not as good as it could be. Continue reading They Do a Great Job on My Nails

I Am Working a Second Job

I have been thinking about how I can get to a place where I can marry Emily and the only thing that makes sense is that I need more money. Since I do not think robbing banks would be a sound decision I have taken an extra job three nights a week, mostly on the weekends. I found this place that does house cleaning for Singapore, except that where I work is all commercial property that is going to be closed while I am there. I know the lady that runs the place, she is the mother of one of my best friends and she is a really sweet woman. Continue reading I Am Working a Second Job

The Perfect Job Fell into My Lap Recently

I thought it would be really hard to live in another country when my husband first talked to me about moving. I’m such a homebody that I feel really uncomfortable just driving across my hometown, much less flying to another country. Once we moved to Singapore, I stayed home as much possible. I spent my days cleaning and decorating our place. Soon, I friended a neighbor who said she was starting a business for move in cleaning for Singapore renters and she asked if I would be interested in partnering with her. Every time that she came over to visit, she said she noticed that she had interrupted me while I was cleaning and making things look so nice at our place. I gave her offer some serious thought because I needed a job so badly.

My husband has always been outgoing and friendly. My personality is so different than his. I am a hard worker like he is, but I can easily over-focus on work and be somewhat introverted, too. This makes me a great worker, but when it comes to my social life, I typically just like to keep active and focus on work. I felt like such a fish out of water because I was in a foreign country, but I wanted a job badly. I found myself shying away from going out to look for one on my own. I knew that needed to change because we needed to have two incomes coming in.

I sat down with my neighbor and listened while she detailed her new business plan. She would be the business owner, but she also needed someone like me who is a hard worker and could help to train new employees about anything that needs to be done for move-in cleaning jobs. She said that she knew that I was a hard worker and could be an asset to her business. I talked it over with my husband and decided that I would say yes to my new job offer.

Before a Stressful Event Pedicures Might Helpt

Business trips can be stressful and sometimes annoying. When traveling it is always a great idea to find something or someway to help you relax, even if you are stressed. This is why I got a pedicure in Singapore when I was there last year. It was the most relaxing and calming experience and it helped me better be able to meet clients and have meetings.

I had been scheduled to go to Singapore to meet with a very high profile client. The meeting was about one of our companies newest technologies and how it would work perfectly with some of the client’s products. The goal of the meeting was to ensure that both parties could reach a deal and would be able to work together in the future. It was a huge deal and one that I couldn’t mess up for my team.

When I got to Singapore, there was a car waiting for me and the client I was dealing with had set up a hotel and everything for me. Continue reading Before a Stressful Event Pedicures Might Helpt

I Wanted to Enjoy the Summer with My Family

Every year, my husband and I look forward to spending time at our summer house with our children and grandchildren. I was really disappointed during much of our time there this year due to back pain, but my oldest daughter found a Camas chiropractor in the city for me to see. After just two visits, I started feeling better than I had felt for many months. I wish that I would have thought about going long before we left to stay in our summer home. I would have been able to enjoy more of my time there if I had done that.

I felt the pain coming on little by little over about a year’s time. I always thought that being really strong and pushing through pain was the best way to deal with things. It really is not the best way to handle that sort of thing. Instead, you just bring on more stress for yourself by doing that. Not only that, if you ignore things, you can soon find yourself with a bigger problem that cannot be solved. I got really lucky because I feel great now after getting proper treatment. Continue reading I Wanted to Enjoy the Summer with My Family

Nice Living in a Warm Place

I found a website recently that held the answers to my dream of moving to a warmer part of the country. I live, and have lived for many years, near the Canadian border in a fairly small city. My husband made his living owning a couple of fairly prosperous convenience stores here in the city and we did well. He passed away about ten years ago and I decided to keep the stores and run them myself. I did pretty well with them until I got into my sixties and decided I wanted to retire and move somewhere else.

Old age and the weather were mostly to blame. I probably could have kept working, but the snow and ice and the cold just seems to get worse every year. Continue reading Nice Living in a Warm Place

Finding an Apartment for My Mom

My dad recently passed away, and my mom decided that she wanted to sell her house and rent an apartment instead. I told her that I thought it would be a great year, because not only would it free her from having to worry about home repairs, but it would allow her to make new friends and socialize with people in the community. I told her I would take care of the details, and I began to search for a website that would provide me with the best apartment in the location I wanted. I sat down my mom and began to show her some of the options available. She immediately gravitated toward one apartment in particular, probably because of the great photography they had on the website. It really brought everything to life. Continue reading Finding an Apartment for My Mom

I Am Getting Ready to Move Again

The truth is that most of my stuff is still in storage, because I never really liked this place and I did not plan on staying here for long either, living here has made it all the more obvious. The people in this place are just flat out crazy, and crazy in the way that keeps me from sleeping through the night. I think the police have been here four or five times in the past couple of weeks. If you click here you can see the place that I went to look at today. I love the location and I like just about everything about them except for the fact that I can not really afford them. In order for that to really be practical I would have to find a reliable roommate, which is a much nicer trick than you might think it would be. Continue reading I Am Getting Ready to Move Again

I Lucked into a Great Situation

In fact I would simply not be able to afford this place on my own and it would be rather difficult even if I had one roommate. A single bedroom apartment at the District at Grand Terrace is around twelve hundred and fifty bucks a month, but if you get a two bedroom place and a roommate, you end up paying a bit more than half as much. However if you get a three bedroom place and you have two people to share the cost, then you are going to pay around six hundred dollars a month. I did not come up with the plan, instead I just ran into this guy that I went to college with. Continue reading I Lucked into a Great Situation

I Surprised Myself with How Interested I Was in Making a Change

I have been watching a new apartment building go up near my office for about 6 months. One enough construction had taken place for me to realize the if the building would be completely done soon, I realized that they may already be renting units out, or at the very least, showing some units to interested customers. The named turned out to be Capella at Rancho Del Oro Luxury apartment homes and I was interested in looking around. The next night, I got off of work and there to get a guided tour. Before I left the property, I had already signed a lease there.

I’m usually not all that spontaneous. I usually don’t like things to change. Continue reading I Surprised Myself with How Interested I Was in Making a Change

I Have Move to Colorado Springs

I came up here because my girlfriend got a really incredible job up here, working for a huge company that is really eager to please her in every way possible. She got her a place at the Summer Grove Apartments which is right down the street from the place where she is working and the two of us are living there. I have been looking for work, and also doing some independent contracting. Of course I have some money saved up and so it is not as though I am going to have to jump on the first thing that comes up. Yesterday the two of us went up in the mountains and hiked for about ten hours. Continue reading I Have Move to Colorado Springs

Big Dogs Need Homes Too

As a dog owner, I’ve met some difficulty when finding a place that would take both me and my Siberian husky. When I tell people that I have the dog, a couple of things will happen. Sometimes people tell me that they can’t let a dog of that size move in, and if the dog were smaller, then it would be acceptable. Other places just flat out tell me that dogs aren’t allowed. I was out of ideas during my apartment search, and desperately touched a click here ad that was flashing on my tablet. The ad was the best thing I could have hoped for, because it took me to a website for an apartment complex that allowed dogs of any size.

There was a fee to have pets live in this place, with the amount depending on the size of the dog, but it didn’t matter to me, because my husky and I could move in without any problems. Even though it met my requirements for pets, I still had to look over the apartment to make sure that it had everything that I would need as a human. It came with all of the standard amenities that anyone would normally expect from an apartment, but there was something that I found particularly nice, and that was the barbecue area. I love to barbecue and my dog loves to walk around the grill while the meat is cooking.

I’ve met many people in the apartments that have pets, including two people that have huskies as well. We sometimes walk our dogs together and talk about what has been going on in our lives. The dogs have their own little conversation that we humans can’t understand. I bet they’re talking about getting some food from the barbecue area the next time someone grills.

I Hit the Girlfriend Lottery

The situation that I find myself in is actually pretty awesome, so I do not want to be an idiot and jinx it for myself. I met this girl about three months ago and she is about all that you could want in a girl. I did not really know that she was rich for a long time. She dresses and acts just like any other girl on campus. At first I was tutoring her in biology, even though she really did not seem to need it. Later I saw her place, luxury apartments in lewisville texas and about that time I realized that there was an opening, of course she pretty much came out and told me to stop slow playing it. So I got a girlfriend without really making a lot of effort in it. Now I am living with her and that is saving me a great deal of money.

In fact I do not have a car right now, but I am too proud to let her lease one for me. I sold my car because it was really useless before. I was living within an easy walk of the campus. I just had to get up off my butt and get ready, I could be in class in about ten minutes. Of course you are wasting time if you try to drive there. It takes a long time to find a place to park and then you usually have to walk for fifteen minutes. After I sold my car I got twenty bucks a month from this guy to let him park in the driveway of the house I was sharing with these guys. He would get there at the same time I started out and we would walk to school together some days in fact.

Finding the Perfect Apartment in Tampa

I recently retired at the age of 51. I am very fortunate to have been able to do this. It has always been a dream of mine to retire in Florida, so that is exactly what I’m going to do. My brother lives in Tampa and I want to be close to him. He told me to do an internet search for apartments in Temple Terrace. I couldn’t believe my eyes with the results I found. I saw the most beautiful rustic down-home apartments I have ever seen. I could feel the excitement building up inside me.

They seemed to have everything I could possibly want in an apartment community. Continue reading Finding the Perfect Apartment in Tampa

My Bride, New Job and New Apartment

When I asked her to marry me, she asked me what we could expect together as man and wife. I was not sure what she meant, so I said that she could expect me to work and earn a paycheck to keep us a home and pay the bills. She told me that she could do that too. I told her that the combined money could then make sure our kids went to college. She asked about a place to live. I told her that the apartment in Simpsonville SC that she showed me online was very nice, and that I would be very happy to live there with her by my side.

She asked me if I would be happy in an apartment since I spent my whole life so far living in a house in the suburbs. I told her that I had adapted to dorm life just fine for the degree I just earned, and that this apartment was a whole lot bigger than a dorm. Plus, I added, the apartment is actually about the same size in square feet as the house I grew up in. I told her that we were starting out great. Continue reading My Bride, New Job and New Apartment

Spending More for Piece of Mind

I was looking at the luxury apartments for rent in North Dallas because I wanted to pay more to live in the city. I wanted to live in the city because I was living with friends in the suburbs and it was all families in our area and next door. I knew that it was going to be a lot of money to have some extras, but I had no idea how much was available for me. Some of the apartments actually have a concierge that will help you get your laundry and run errands for you, but this comes at a high fee. You can pay a monthly fee to have a full concierge at your services, any time of the day. Continue reading Spending More for Piece of Mind

So Close to the Stadium!

When I saw the link to click here, I figured I would see yet another marginal apartment complex that wouldn’t be worth my time. Moving to Atlanta has been such a time sink. I’ve moved to other cities around the country due to my job, but getting ready to move here has been a real challenge. Living in Atlanta is going to be a real challenge, I think. I’m looking at commute times that are off the charts. It’s a busy city and not an easy place to find a good place to live if my experience is anything to go by.

I’ve been taking my time doing research because the city is not only known for horrendous traffic conditions, but also for having a rather high crime rate. I’ve seen some real eye opening pieces in the local news outlets and I want to make sure I avoid all of those areas like the plague. That meant I had to really dig down into sites where locals post information about the city. That’s where I found the link, actually. Continue reading So Close to the Stadium!

Everything is Working out for Us

I knew I was going to move closer to Charlotte, but I had no idea that I would end up moving into the city itself. I thought that it would cost too much money to have an apartment there on my own, but it turned out that a good friend of mine was wanting to move closer to the city as well. She had been searching apartments in South End Charlotte for a while, but she knew that she was going to have to get a roommate to make it work out for her.

When she approached me about my own search for a nice apartment, she proposed that we join forces. Continue reading Everything is Working out for Us

There Are Things That I Look Before Renting an Apartment

I used to find it interesting that a lot of apartments in NYC are located inside buildings that have long hallways that are not open to the outside elements. I always thought this was a good idea for safety reasons. Then, I noticed many other countries have the same type of apartment buildings. Now, in my own city, the same types of properties are cropping up. I was looking through 30339 apartments and found quite a few. As a female who lives on her own, the ability to live in a building that is more secure has been very appealing to me. I’ve had issues in the past, and I have wanted to feel more safe ever since then.

I have always believed that living on the second floor of a building is a good idea because not many thieves want to carry your big screen TV down two flights of stairs. It’s too hard for them to get away quickly. The same goes for bicycles. Continue reading There Are Things That I Look Before Renting an Apartment