Nice Living in a Warm Place

I found a website recently that held the answers to my dream of moving to a warmer part of the country. I live, and have lived for many years, near the Canadian border in a fairly small city. My husband made his living owning a couple of fairly prosperous convenience stores here in the city and we did well. He passed away about ten years ago and I decided to keep the stores and run them myself. I did pretty well with them until I got into my sixties and decided I wanted to retire and move somewhere else.

Old age and the weather were mostly to blame. I probably could have kept working, but the snow and ice and the cold just seems to get worse every year. I also had a fall on ice a couple of years ago that scared me enough to really get me thinking about moving on. I wanted to go to a place where I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking a hip in the middle of the winter. I also wouldn’t have to worry about shoveling sidewalks or a driveway. You always hear about people dying of heart attacks doing such activities at and advanced age.

So I looked for living arrangements in Florida and found the aforementioned website during one of my online research excursions. The apartment complex really looked marvelous, and it’s located near all sorts of nice places to eat and shop that I was sure living there would work well for me. I made some inquiries through the site and got more information about the place. I’m planning on taking a trip down to Florida to see things for myself, but I’m already thinking I’m going to sign the lease. It will be so nice to have nice digs in a warm city!