My Bride, New Job and New Apartment

When I asked her to marry me, she asked me what we could expect together as man and wife. I was not sure what she meant, so I said that she could expect me to work and earn a paycheck to keep us a home and pay the bills. She told me that she could do that too. I told her that the combined money could then make sure our kids went to college. She asked about a place to live. I told her that the apartment in Simpsonville SC that she showed me online was very nice, and that I would be very happy to live there with her by my side.

She asked me if I would be happy in an apartment since I spent my whole life so far living in a house in the suburbs. I told her that I had adapted to dorm life just fine for the degree I just earned, and that this apartment was a whole lot bigger than a dorm. Plus, I added, the apartment is actually about the same size in square feet as the house I grew up in. I told her that we were starting out great. We would have a lot of room and not have to worry about the costs of home maintenance. I was keen on enjoying outdoor spaces such as a swimming pool, but I did not want to spend my weekends cutting grass and doing other chores like that. We both wanted to spend more time working to advance in our careers.

The Arbors at Fairview are really nice. I even like the name. It has a classy sound to it, and this is a classy place. The pool alone makes it a nice place. However, the apartment interior is filled with nice touches. The pristine floors caught my attention as soon as they opened the door to show us the apartment. The putting green outside is where we both now spend time practically every day working on our short game. Both of our families are big on golfing. This is a nice place that lets us have a simple and enjoyable life with plenty of comfortable amenities. I’m glad she said yes.