Moved in to the New Place Today

The house was not ready when we bought it. No one could have really lived here except if they were prepared to live like vagrants. We basically got the place at a fire sale price, because it had been neglected for about a year and a half and needed a great deal of work. I sort of moved in half way first. I would sleep on an air mattress some nights after I worked until late at night. However a couple of weeks ago we had Time Warner Cable transfer our account to this address and we started to move in slowly. First we had to do the bathrooms over entirely. That was totally needed, there just was no way you could have used it like it was. No one is that tough. Some idiot really screwed up the plumbing in this place, although it was a homeless person who simply did not care about the harm he was doing to some other person’s property. It was not a factor in their decisions.

We still have to fix the kitchen up, but that is not as huge of an issue. At least it is not as though there is a desperate need to do it right here and now. All of the walls have been painted and we have ripped up the ragged old carpets. I polished the wood floors about as well as I could, although I suppose that it would be possible for a pro to do a much better job. I am not really that worried about it though. I was only trying to do it as well as I was able. I have to do something about the ceilings though there is some water damage in a couple of areas, because the weather got in the place.