Most Luxurious Place I’ve Ever Lived

I decided to seek out South Charlotte NC apartments after my wife passed away. We owned a very nice and luxurious six figure home, but it felt so empty without her presence. Our kids are long gone, having grown up years ago and moved on to their own lives, and that meant I spent a lot of time moping around this huge home wondering what I was going to do with my life. Since I retired several years ago, I didn’t have a career in which I could pour my grief. I spent about a year here before deciding to move on.

As I prepared to sell the house, I also had to spend a lot of time looking for a new living space. I didn’t want to buy another house because frankly I didn’t want to bother with all the upkeep. I have enough money to hire people to mow the lawn and come in and fix the various problems presented by home ownership, but I didn’t want to bother with it. I wanted to find a place where the living is carefree and easy and where I could spend most of my time trying to build a new life for myself.

The apartment complex I found is absolutely perfect for me. It is the platonic ideal of luxury living. I consider it even nicer than the home I’m about to sell. It has ten foot ceilings, kitchens that look they came out of one of those fancy cooking shows, and even claw foot soaking tubs. It’s like I’m moving into something out of the Gilded Age but with all the modern conveniences. Moreover, it’s located in an area that is surrounded by various golf courses and lots of shops and restaurants. I really feel like I’m moving up in the world by getting a place here.