I Wish I Could Afford This Place

It was not as though I wanted to find a place that was so far over my budget, but of course I was distracted by the fact that the place has such a great pool. It is enormous, or at least the patio around it is. There is a big screen TV out there and the wi fi connection worked good when I tried it. I started out by searching the web for Atlantic Station Atlanta apartments and I found the web page. I knew right off that it was going to cost more than I wanted to pay, but the location was pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find. It is strange to look at the web page however, because there seems to be a lot of random photos. Of course the truth is that you can see the purpose of these photos if you think about it though. They are photos of young attractive people and they are supposed to look cool I think, so the gist is that you are going to be cool and attractive if you cough up the money to move in this place.

I have not really thought about getting a roommate until I got to thinking about the way that I love the kitchen in this place. Of course I watch a lot of shows about cooking on the box and I try to learn how to cook things. This is a great for me if I want to feel like I am good at cooking. That is the truth about me I am afraid, but this is the sort of kitchen that you get if you are a gourmet chef, although honestly it does not cost so much as it would if you went all out. Still it was really nice.