I Wanted to Enjoy the Summer with My Family

Every year, my husband and I look forward to spending time at our summer house with our children and grandchildren. I was really disappointed during much of our time there this year due to back pain, but my oldest daughter found a Camas chiropractor in the city for me to see. After just two visits, I started feeling better than I had felt for many months. I wish that I would have thought about going long before we left to stay in our summer home. I would have been able to enjoy more of my time there if I had done that.

I felt the pain coming on little by little over about a year’s time. I always thought that being really strong and pushing through pain was the best way to deal with things. It really is not the best way to handle that sort of thing. Instead, you just bring on more stress for yourself by doing that. Not only that, if you ignore things, you can soon find yourself with a bigger problem that cannot be solved. I got really lucky because I feel great now after getting proper treatment. However, I know some people who ignored medical issues they had and then found themselves limping around and having trouble moving around easily on a permanent basis later on.

Our summer home is on a lake. So that means that we like to go out on the boat or go out on the dock and go fishing there. I had to stay in the house or sit out on our back deck while I watched everyone else go out and have fun for most of our time there. It was frustrating to only have the ability to nap, read a book or watch TV while hearing my family laughing and having a good time. The chiropractor that I went to said that weekly visits would help a lot and get me feeling good enough to have fun with family again. He was very right about that.