I Surprised Myself with How Interested I Was in Making a Change

I have been watching a new apartment building go up near my office for about 6 months. One enough construction had taken place for me to realize the if the building would be completely done soon, I realized that they may already be renting units out, or at the very least, showing some units to interested customers. The named turned out to be Capella at Rancho Del Oro Luxury apartment homes and I was interested in looking around. The next night, I got off of work and there to get a guided tour. Before I left the property, I had already signed a lease there.

I’m usually not all that spontaneous. I usually don’t like things to change. Two of my last ex-girlfriends used to get really frustrated when I would dig in my heels at the prospect of many different types of change. Suddenly doing something very different than the norm was what both of them told me that I needed to work on. Nothing needed to change in my eyes, so I really didn’t understand what I needed o work on without an event that seemed to be going pretty well. But that changed when I surprised myself and said during my apartment tour that I wanted to sign up to live there.

I’ve lived in the same place for the past 5 years. The place didn’t make me unhappy or particularly happy. I really felt at home in the unit that I toured that day, and the grounds were landscaped in a way that made me want to get outside to spend some time outdoors. The apartment complex employee told me that many units were under control already, and I suddenly blurted out, “I’ll take this one!” She handed me the paperwork, and I put my signature on it right then.