I Needed Some Help with Some Issues That Happened Recently

I heard an odd cracking noise and then a loud boom outside just a few weeks ago. I assumed that it was thunder because it was raining out. So, I just ignored the sound after that, but when I went outside later, I learned that a tree fell on my car. I had to call a Long Island tree company to come and remove the tree because it was so large and I was unable to do it myself. I also had to call my auto insurance company in to put in a claim as well because there had been some damage to my car. Both the tree and my car were handled pretty quickly, but I am confused why so many weird things have happened to me over the last few years.

Some people seem to be quite lucky in life. I can’t really say that I’ve spent my life being unlucky over the years, but I never had a nice string of great things happening to me like other people do. However, I can’t figure out why so many stressful things have been happening to me repeatedly over and over again for awhile now. Sometimes I wonder if it is a test of some sort, but then it seems kind of crazy to think of it in that way.

The nice thing when bad things happen is that there are people who can come help you afterward so that you can get through it more quickly. There’s no way that I could have handled getting that tree off of my vehicle on my own. I also do not have a chainsaw. When the employee came out to start working on the issue, he pulled one out and started chopping up the tree little by little. He even gave me some of the pieces of the tree so that I could let them dry out and use them for craft projects afterward.