I Lucked into a Great Situation

In fact I would simply not be able to afford this place on my own and it would be rather difficult even if I had one roommate. A single bedroom apartment at the District at Grand Terrace is around twelve hundred and fifty bucks a month, but if you get a two bedroom place and a roommate, you end up paying a bit more than half as much. However if you get a three bedroom place and you have two people to share the cost, then you are going to pay around six hundred dollars a month. I did not come up with the plan, instead I just ran into this guy that I went to college with. I had not seen him in two or three years since I was in school, but at any rate he was really excited when I told him that I was looking for a place to live.

These two guys showed me the place, the room still had a decent bed in it and a couple of other pieces of furniture. Apparently the guy who had been living there had vanished for a good reason. The police were looking for him because someone had been messing with his ex girlfriend. She had some sort of restraining order against the guy and so if he violated it that would be a big deal I suppose. At any rate they say that he fled the state and went back to wherever it was that he came from. This is going to save me a ton of money and so I am willing to take chances on these two guys. My name is not on the lease and so I am not really on the hook if this goes bad on me. So I just have only upside.