I Hope She Goes Far with Dance

I was really happy when my daughter showed an interest in dance. I had taken dance classes for the majority of my childhood, and I truly credit those lessons with helping to shape who I am today. I had fun with it, but it taught me so much too. I learned how discipline is important, and I learned the value of hard work and its rewards. I wanted my daughter to have that too, if she wanted it, so I was happy when she asked about Toronto ballet lessons.

I had never taken ballet before, other than a few lessons when it applied to the modern dance lessons that I had taken. I had never devoted myself entirely to ballet though, so I wanted to learn more about it. I was pleased with everything that I had read about it though. I liked that the place that I picked for her dance lessons is very serious about following the students as far as their desire wants to take them. They do so much more than just teach the students. They shape them, and they support them as they continue to grow.

I have no idea if my daughter is going to want to do ballet in a year’s time. In the same regard, she may want to do ballet on a professional level when she gets older. Either way, she is going to get the instruction that she needs now, and I have a feeling that she is going to want to continue it, even if it strays from ballet into a different style of dance. I know right now she is enjoying the lessons, and she was amazing at her first dance recital. I know I am biased, but I also can see genuine talent there so I hope she goes far with this!