I Hit the Girlfriend Lottery

The situation that I find myself in is actually pretty awesome, so I do not want to be an idiot and jinx it for myself. I met this girl about three months ago and she is about all that you could want in a girl. I did not really know that she was rich for a long time. She dresses and acts just like any other girl on campus. At first I was tutoring her in biology, even though she really did not seem to need it. Later I saw her place, luxury apartments in lewisville texas and about that time I realized that there was an opening, of course she pretty much came out and told me to stop slow playing it. So I got a girlfriend without really making a lot of effort in it. Now I am living with her and that is saving me a great deal of money.

In fact I do not have a car right now, but I am too proud to let her lease one for me. I sold my car because it was really useless before. I was living within an easy walk of the campus. I just had to get up off my butt and get ready, I could be in class in about ten minutes. Of course you are wasting time if you try to drive there. It takes a long time to find a place to park and then you usually have to walk for fifteen minutes. After I sold my car I got twenty bucks a month from this guy to let him park in the driveway of the house I was sharing with these guys. He would get there at the same time I started out and we would walk to school together some days in fact.