I Have Move to Colorado Springs

I came up here because my girlfriend got a really incredible job up here, working for a huge company that is really eager to please her in every way possible. She got her a place at the Summer Grove Apartments which is right down the street from the place where she is working and the two of us are living there. I have been looking for work, and also doing some independent contracting. Of course I have some money saved up and so it is not as though I am going to have to jump on the first thing that comes up. Yesterday the two of us went up in the mountains and hiked for about ten hours. It was really beautiful, although we did get caught in a sudden downpour. That was not so big of a deal, although we had to be really careful coming down a slope. Both of us had rain gear and so we did not fret too much about getting wet.

Amy wants to get an all terrain vehicle and buy some land up in the mountains. She is talking about getting a couple of goats and some chickens. I tried not to laugh at her, but of course her grandfather had a nice little farm and she seems to have really loved that when she was a kid. At any rate we are pretty happy. This guy from her office is trying to teach me how to use a fly fishing rod. We went to this stream, but it was really rather crowded and I can not imagine that the fishing could be very good there. If you are shoulder to shoulder with the other anglers, then you can guess that they have been there before and probably caught the easy fish already.