I Have Been Working Late Nights

At first I was really excited when the supervisor told me that I was getting a promotion, but it was not very long before I realized that they were giving me the third shift with it. Of course they do not have a full shift that time of night and often instead of doing production we are doing maintenance and cleaning up instead. You quickly get to know how much sleep matters after you go into this sort of change. I was working from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon. We were only taking twenty minutes for lunch, that way we could run three shifts. Now I go in at eleven at night and clock out at seven in the morning. It is really difficult and hard to say the very least. I am going to be trying to figure out how to get better sleep.

So far it has been a real struggle. Of course the first night I was going into work at the time that I usually go to bed. I could get out of bed, get ready and drive to work in only twenty minutes and that was exactly how I was doing it. I would get up at 6:35 AM and that would leave me five minutes to spare. I would get to work by 6:50 or 6:55 almost every day, then I would go find the coffee machine at work and I would be ready to clock in with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. Now I have been drinking six or seven cups to stay awake and I think that has made my sleep uneven. It is a real problem to be honest and now I am thinking about all of the different things that I could try to get to sleep and get good sleep.