I Have Been Doing Some Contracting

I have been doing a lot of different things of late. Most of what I am doing is contracting. My girlfriend got me started doing this latest thing corporate video production in Singapore. It is not that difficult if you have the right sort of training and you have a little bit of gear. Of course you really have to have a really good computer to do some of the processing, especially if you put in much in the area of special effects or graphics. You do not want to get cheesy with this sort of project however, you want it to look professional and you want it to be serious as a heart attack. None of these guys really have a sense of humor about the image of their company, especially when they are trying to communicate with other corporations who are their customers. They want you to do some drier than the Sahara pretty much.

At any rate I have been able to get enough business like this to keep me busy. The first one I did was for a guy who owns a bunch of other stuff and since he liked it, or he liked how little it cost him, I have gotten more work from him. I sort of figured out that I was not charging as much as other people were from him. He did not like it when I figured out that I could double my rate and still be less than other people. Of course I am all alone, doing this stuff completely on my own in my girlfriend’s apartment. She has decided that she gets a cut and it is hard to argue with her since I have not had a job yet that she did not find for me and without the jobs I am not making any money.