I Had to Get My Back Fixed Today

I was not really expecting what happened. I was going out in the parking lot and I was looking for my keys. All of a sudden I heard some sirens and then this guy almost run me over on one of those Japanese motorcycles. The cops had lost him, but they eventually found me. I had dove out of the way and hurt my back on the asphalt. It did not seem too bad at first, but I had to eventually go to see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills. It was not too serious at first, but I think that I really twisted my back while I was trying to avoid the concrete things that divide one parking place from the others. I was pretty sure that I did not want to land on that thing and I saw it coming at me pretty hard. It was not something that you really want to think about, but I am guessing that it could have been a whole lot worse if I had not dodged that thing.

Of course the cops decided that they want to make sure I was not the guy on the motorcycle and they did not care that I had told them which way he had gone. They started to ask a bunch of questions and it took them quite awhile to realize that I was leaving my office after working late. That seemed pretty obvious to me, but these guys seemed to be looking for an excuse to slap the cuffs on me. They definitely had not chance at the guy on the motorcycle. He had ditched them pretty easily and was miles away while they were giving me a hard time. It was the next morning when I realized that my back was not getting better.