I Found an Apartment That is Perfect for Me

When I graduated from college, it did not take me long to get a good job. I had several companies courting me, so I just had to decide which offer to accept. I ended up taking the one in Connecticut, because it was closest to my where my parents live. I still wanted to get my own place though, which is why I started looking at apartments even before I graduated. The Pavilions apartments in Manchester CT is the complex that impressed me the most. I was able to look at pictures of both the apartments as well as the grounds, and I fell in love with what I saw.

Granted, anything would look better than a dorm room, but I knew that these apartments were still top of the line. All of the pictures were simply gorgeous, so I knew that the maintenance department there did a really great job of keeping everything fresh and clean. The tennis courts were a particular appeal also, because I have been playing the game for nearly 12 years. Knowing that two courts are right outside my apartment seemed like a sure sign that this was the apartment complex for me.

My dad wanted to check the apartment out before I signed anything, and I didn’t have a problem with that at all. I figured if there was anything wrong with it, he would be able to find it, which is what I wanted. However, when we met there about a month ago to take a tour of my prospective apartment, he fell in love with it too. He wished it was a bit closer to them, but I thought 15 minutes away was a lot better than being ten hours away like I was at college. I signed the papers that day, and I have been a happy tenant ever since!