I Found a Place Close to the Office

I was about to start looking for a new place to live when this guy from work told me that he was looking to move to these apartments on Vance Jackson in San Antonio. Of course he was telling me this because he wanted to find a roommate. In fact I am not really sure that I would move in with him, but the rest of the idea is pretty solid. You could not walk to the office from this apartment complex, but it is very close and if I had a bike then it would be quite short. In fact if you had a mountain bike or something that would go through the woods, then you could get there even a little bit quicker. At any rate driving a car would probably take longer than taking a bike, because there is a park in the way and you can ride a bike right through it.

The guy is of course the problem. I do not know him very well, but the people who do know him do not seem to like him. He is a quarrelsome guy, I have seen a lot of the people who have a lot of problems with him. I got no real time for that sort of thing, but I would want to get a roommate. It is going to save you a nice bit of change when you split the cost of a two bedroom place. In essence it is going to be something like three fifths the cost to your bottom line. So that is not something that I am going to turn my head to, I need to save the money. Right now I am living in a place that is sort of a dump and the location is not very good.