I Am Working a Second Job

I have been thinking about how I can get to a place where I can marry Emily and the only thing that makes sense is that I need more money. Since I do not think robbing banks would be a sound decision I have taken an extra job three nights a week, mostly on the weekends. I found this place that does house cleaning for Singapore, except that where I work is all commercial property that is going to be closed while I am there. I know the lady that runs the place, she is the mother of one of my best friends and she is a really sweet woman. She set it up so I can do it exactly like it works out for me. During the week I do a couple of hours after work, but the way that it really works is that I get a full day’s work on both days of the weekend. So I am getting between twenty and thirty hours, it depends on whether or not I want to do it or not.

The money is not really awesome, you do not get rich doing this sort of thing. However Emily loves it, since it shows her that I am willing to do what I think has to be done. She was talking about whether or not we could do it together some, but she has a better job than I do and it is the sort of thing where they expect you to do a lot of work after you leave the office. So it does not really make too much sense for her. I figure that I can save all of the money I earn doing this and after a few months it is going to be enough that we can afford a nice place.