I Am Managing the Team

It is not so big of a deal and it certainly does not pay so well, but I have been given the job of managing the team at the moment. They are sort of a semi pro team, which plays basketball in this state and up to the North in South Carolina. So the big thing that I am in charge of is the transportation and lodging, which are often the same thing. There is not going to be much of a budget for anything, so my job is to be sure that we get where we need to be and then if at all possible we just get back on the bus and come back home. There are only ten guys on the roster at any one moment, although the actual names on the roster change frequently. You have guys that have jobs and their jobs are usually more important, they do this stuff for fun. A lot of them are almost good enough to play in minor leagues and want to get a shot at playing in the NBA.

I have not really had any issues so far, although it can be tiring. Some of the time I will take a nap on the bus while the games are being played. I did not mention it, but I drive the bus and probably only have the rest of the job because I can. You have to pay a bus driver and they have to pay me pretty good, so they just figure they can pay me a little bit more to handle all of the stuff that goes along with moving the team around. When we travel I hand out the meal money, although a lot of the times it is hard to find a meal on this sort of money.