I Am Getting Ready to Move Again

The truth is that most of my stuff is still in storage, because I never really liked this place and I did not plan on staying here for long either, living here has made it all the more obvious. The people in this place are just flat out crazy, and crazy in the way that keeps me from sleeping through the night. I think the police have been here four or five times in the past couple of weeks. If you click here you can see the place that I went to look at today. I love the location and I like just about everything about them except for the fact that I can not really afford them. In order for that to really be practical I would have to find a reliable roommate, which is a much nicer trick than you might think it would be. Obviously you need a person who comes through with their half of the rent and the other expenses, when I was in college I had all sorts of issues on that front.

Of course college students are running around broke all of the time and most of the time I was barely able to come up with my half of it too. So it was not that big of a surprise that they were short or just not to be found. You have to expect that to be honest, but it does not make it go over better when you are on the wrong end of it. I had one roommate that simply went off his medication and he was supposed to be taking crazy pills, the sort that stop you from being crazy. That was actually rather scary, this guy was simply bizarre when he was not taking the pills like he was supposed to.