Great Dishes Made with Okra

After learning about the health benefits of okra, I’ve gone from simply eating the vegetable as a side dish during Sunday dinner, to eating it almost every day. Much like many other vegetables, I knew that okra was good for me, but I never realized just how good. The vegetable is packed with vitamins that can do things like fight off diseases and lower cholesterol. I’m not a fan of eating okra raw, so I had to come up with new and creative ways to prepare the okra that don’t simply involve boiling them in a pot like I would do on Sunday.

I experimented with some low fat meals by sauteing some sliced okra in a pan with some tofu an rice. It was an attempt to create an Asian style dish, and it turned out pretty well. I had an idea that I borrowed from another recipe. When I cook on the grill, I usually put a few stalks of asparagus on there with a bit of salt and lemon juice for flavor. I did the same thing with the okra and it tasted phenomenal. The lemon and salt really worked well with the okra flavor an grilling it brought out a new dimension of flavor.

I was even able to come up with a way to eat okra for dessert. There aren’t too many dessert dishes that I can think of where vegetables are used, but if you figure out a way to make it taste sweet, then any vegetable can be used. Figuring out how to make the dessert without adding a lot of sugar was a bit of a hurdle, but I overcame it by relying on honey. I created a coating for the okra using flour, milk, eggs, honey, and cinnamon, and coated the okra in it. I then put the okra on a baking sheet an baked until it was golden brown.