Going to Look for a New Job

I have been trying to find a better job lately, one which is both better paying and which is less of an ordeal. The big problem with this job is that it is not in a good location for the rest of my life. Of course when I look at my paycheck stub that does not make me feel better about it. If I was making a good bit more money, then the hassle of getting to and from the office would bother me a lot less. As it is I am getting up at twenty past six in the morning. That is an hour and forty minutes before I have to be at my desk, but it takes me time to get ready and then it takes about about an hour and ten minutes to get there. I always leave myself some leeway, since I know that the traffic is going to be bad about one day out of four.

The company has this really strict policy about being late too, it does not matter if you are just a minute late, that counts against you and if you are late three times they go ahead and fire you. I do not like the job, or at least all of problems that come with it, but I need to have a paycheck until I find something better. What I really want is a job where I can roll out of bed half an hour before I need to be there and not sweat getting there on time. It would be nice if it were not a major infraction if you did not show up exactly when you were supposed to. Of course as in all things the big thing is the money, and if the money is right then other things need not be perfect.