I Have Been Doing Some Contracting

I have been doing a lot of different things of late. Most of what I am doing is contracting. My girlfriend got me started doing this latest thing corporate video production in Singapore. It is not that difficult if you have the right sort of training and you have a little bit of gear. Of course you really have to have a really good computer to do some of the processing, especially if you put in much in the area of special effects or graphics. You do not want to get cheesy with this sort of project however, you want it to look professional and you want it to be serious as a heart attack. Continue reading I Have Been Doing Some Contracting

The Bank Sent Me to Singapore

I was quite happy where I was, but of course I am pretty much a company man. So when I found that the bank sent me to Singapore, I just not at all surprised. However they then started to ask me to find out how to do mobile app development in Singapore. The bank did not explain what they wanted me to get done or what sort of app they wanted, so that was a real obstacle to getting anything done. If you do not know what you are supposed to be trying to do it is really hard to get anything done. Of course personally I would have been happier if they had not sent me to Singapore. It is not like I have a real girlfriend right now, but I had been working on it. Continue reading The Bank Sent Me to Singapore