My Daughter is Caught Up Again

My daughter came to me in tears not long ago. She is a happy child, so I knew that something was seriously wrong. I thought at first it might be boy trouble as she is at that age, but it turned out to be something that is much easier to handle. She was having issues with her schooling, which was a surprise as well, but it was nothing that physics tuition did not fix. She has always excelled in school, but she was having trouble with physics. I wish that I could help her with that, but I was never that good with any of the sciences either.

There is a solution to every problem though, and I knew that there had to be one to this too. The first thing I did was schedule an appointment to talk with her physics teacher. I was happy to hear that she was not having as much trouble as I thought. She was maintaining an average grade, which most parents would be happy with. I was happy with that too, but I knew she was not. She always excels in everything, so this was a first. Continue reading My Daughter is Caught Up Again