They Do a Great Job on My Nails

When I decided to treat myself, I knew that I wanted to find a salon that does manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I used to go to a nail salon where I used to live on a pretty regular basis, but I had not been to one since I moved here nearly six months ago. My nails were a wreck, and I just wanted to do something nice for myself since life had turned less chaotic for me. It did not take me but a few seconds to know that the way to do this would be to make my nails look really nice again.

Presentation is everything, and while I still did an okay job of presenting myself, I knew that it was not as good as it could be. Continue reading They Do a Great Job on My Nails

I Am Working a Second Job

I have been thinking about how I can get to a place where I can marry Emily and the only thing that makes sense is that I need more money. Since I do not think robbing banks would be a sound decision I have taken an extra job three nights a week, mostly on the weekends. I found this place that does house cleaning for Singapore, except that where I work is all commercial property that is going to be closed while I am there. I know the lady that runs the place, she is the mother of one of my best friends and she is a really sweet woman. Continue reading I Am Working a Second Job

The Perfect Job Fell into My Lap Recently

I thought it would be really hard to live in another country when my husband first talked to me about moving. I’m such a homebody that I feel really uncomfortable just driving across my hometown, much less flying to another country. Once we moved to Singapore, I stayed home as much possible. I spent my days cleaning and decorating our place. Soon, I friended a neighbor who said she was starting a business for move in cleaning for Singapore renters and she asked if I would be interested in partnering with her. Every time that she came over to visit, she said she noticed that she had interrupted me while I was cleaning and making things look so nice at our place. I gave her offer some serious thought because I needed a job so badly.

My husband has always been outgoing and friendly. My personality is so different than his. I am a hard worker like he is, but I can easily over-focus on work and be somewhat introverted, too. This makes me a great worker, but when it comes to my social life, I typically just like to keep active and focus on work. I felt like such a fish out of water because I was in a foreign country, but I wanted a job badly. I found myself shying away from going out to look for one on my own. I knew that needed to change because we needed to have two incomes coming in.

I sat down with my neighbor and listened while she detailed her new business plan. She would be the business owner, but she also needed someone like me who is a hard worker and could help to train new employees about anything that needs to be done for move-in cleaning jobs. She said that she knew that I was a hard worker and could be an asset to her business. I talked it over with my husband and decided that I would say yes to my new job offer.

Before a Stressful Event Pedicures Might Helpt

Business trips can be stressful and sometimes annoying. When traveling it is always a great idea to find something or someway to help you relax, even if you are stressed. This is why I got a pedicure in Singapore when I was there last year. It was the most relaxing and calming experience and it helped me better be able to meet clients and have meetings.

I had been scheduled to go to Singapore to meet with a very high profile client. The meeting was about one of our companies newest technologies and how it would work perfectly with some of the client’s products. The goal of the meeting was to ensure that both parties could reach a deal and would be able to work together in the future. It was a huge deal and one that I couldn’t mess up for my team.

When I got to Singapore, there was a car waiting for me and the client I was dealing with had set up a hotel and everything for me. Continue reading Before a Stressful Event Pedicures Might Helpt

I Wanted to Enjoy the Summer with My Family

Every year, my husband and I look forward to spending time at our summer house with our children and grandchildren. I was really disappointed during much of our time there this year due to back pain, but my oldest daughter found a Camas chiropractor in the city for me to see. After just two visits, I started feeling better than I had felt for many months. I wish that I would have thought about going long before we left to stay in our summer home. I would have been able to enjoy more of my time there if I had done that.

I felt the pain coming on little by little over about a year’s time. I always thought that being really strong and pushing through pain was the best way to deal with things. It really is not the best way to handle that sort of thing. Instead, you just bring on more stress for yourself by doing that. Not only that, if you ignore things, you can soon find yourself with a bigger problem that cannot be solved. I got really lucky because I feel great now after getting proper treatment. Continue reading I Wanted to Enjoy the Summer with My Family