Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle for an Entire Year So Far

I have been working out now for about a year. I never thought I would get through to the second week. It helps to have a workout buddy. My wife and I started lifting weights three times per week. Our cardio was fast walking and riding bicycles. Back when we first got started exercising, we did no resistance training. Our main resistance training is a gym machine we have at home. Over the months we have looked into everything from changing our diet to asking how do thermogenics work. I figured there had to be a way to get my body into a fat burning mode. My wife looked up how females should do it too.

We were shedding the fat pounds and gaining muscle. I remember one week we had a zero loss or gain on the scales, but we both lost fat and gained muscle. For a couple of weeks after we actually gained weight. We were putting on muscle and our fat content was already optimal. We are not competitors when it comes to weight training. We just wanted to look good in our work clothes at the office. That was our original goal. My wife says I look like a new man. I can see the changes in her from her face to her feet. It is incredible.

Asking how do thermogenics work helped us with burning the fat, especially around our midsections. That is where it is a problem for both of us. We both had big abdomens. Now we have those fatty areas filled in with muscle. The change over this past year has been dramatic. I can barely recognize the guy in the mirror wearing the suit now, and my wife looks fantastic in her dresses. It took a lot of effort to reach our fat burning and muscle growth goal, but we have finally arrived and feel great.