Big Dogs Need Homes Too

As a dog owner, I’ve met some difficulty when finding a place that would take both me and my Siberian husky. When I tell people that I have the dog, a couple of things will happen. Sometimes people tell me that they can’t let a dog of that size move in, and if the dog were smaller, then it would be acceptable. Other places just flat out tell me that dogs aren’t allowed. I was out of ideas during my apartment search, and desperately touched a click here ad that was flashing on my tablet. The ad was the best thing I could have hoped for, because it took me to a website for an apartment complex that allowed dogs of any size.

There was a fee to have pets live in this place, with the amount depending on the size of the dog, but it didn’t matter to me, because my husky and I could move in without any problems. Even though it met my requirements for pets, I still had to look over the apartment to make sure that it had everything that I would need as a human. It came with all of the standard amenities that anyone would normally expect from an apartment, but there was something that I found particularly nice, and that was the barbecue area. I love to barbecue and my dog loves to walk around the grill while the meat is cooking.

I’ve met many people in the apartments that have pets, including two people that have huskies as well. We sometimes walk our dogs together and talk about what has been going on in our lives. The dogs have their own little conversation that we humans can’t understand. I bet they’re talking about getting some food from the barbecue area the next time someone grills.