Before a Stressful Event Pedicures Might Helpt

Business trips can be stressful and sometimes annoying. When traveling it is always a great idea to find something or someway to help you relax, even if you are stressed. This is why I got a pedicure in Singapore when I was there last year. It was the most relaxing and calming experience and it helped me better be able to meet clients and have meetings.

I had been scheduled to go to Singapore to meet with a very high profile client. The meeting was about one of our companies newest technologies and how it would work perfectly with some of the client’s products. The goal of the meeting was to ensure that both parties could reach a deal and would be able to work together in the future. It was a huge deal and one that I couldn’t mess up for my team.

When I got to Singapore, there was a car waiting for me and the client I was dealing with had set up a hotel and everything for me. When I got to my room, I started pacing because the gravity of the meeting had hit me. I started telling myself, “Ok, you need to calm down and not worry. It will be fine.” I couldn’t sleep that night at all. I tossed and turned and don’t think I got more than 3 hours of sleep. In the morning, I got up and thought that I might need to do something to relax before the meeting.

I looked at the hotel’s list of services. They provided everything from massages to haircuts. I saw the word “Pedicure” and thought that was exactly what I needed. I made an appointment and went down to the salon and got set up. I had the most amazing foot rub and care to start off with. My feet were wrapped in warm towels and I nearly went to sleep! I was asked if I wanted my toenails painted and to make myself more confident, I went for a design on my big toe of a bird. The lady that was doing the nail art had to have been a professional painter! The smallest section of a canvas (my toe) and she painted an in detail bird. It was amazing. I liked the idea of being a professional and having an amazing artwork on my toe. It made me feel better. I also explained to the lady giving me my pedicure about my meeting. She was telling me that I would be great. When I left, she gave me a little figurine and told me “This is for luck!” I thanked her and I went back to my hotel room way more relaxed than I was before and the meeting I had went on without a hitch!