A Wedding Reception That Was Fun

I have never been traditional at anything in my life. I don’t try to be unique, but I also don’t try to do things the way others typically do too. Life is just too short to not push the boundaries. When my boyfriend and I decided to get married, he told me to put together whatever I wanted for our ceremony and the reception. I thought about a company that does corporate entertainment in London. I knew of them because of parties that my boss throws for all of us a couple of times a year.

He brings in this company, and they have never done the same thing twice. There have been bands, artists, gymnasts, magicians and much more. I knew that I wanted to have that same company come and perform at our reception. Most people have an evening reception that is held indoors, but I wanted mine outdoors during the daytime. I got the information from my boss and contacted the company after looking at their website. I just had a few questions, and they were very quick to answer me back on every one of them.

I am so thankful that they had the day of my wedding open for what I wanted. I was willing to change up things, but I am glad I did not have to. We had strolling singers and magicians, and we had an aerialist too. She was the highlight of the entire reception, other than my husband and I, that is! I have received so many compliments on how the reception played out. It was fun for adults and children alike, because I made sure that there was plenty of entertainment for the kids too. I am really glad that I did not go the tradiational route, because this was way more fun!