A Sunroom for Our New Home

My husband and I relocated to Chicago nearly a year ago. We spent most of the time in an apartment because we wanted to find the perfect house rather than settling for one. We did find what we wanted, but there was one thing missing. We had a sunroom in our old house, and we both wanted this one to have one as well. It was the area where we would relax after a long day of work, and we wanted to have that peaceful setting again. I did a search for companies that build Chicago sunrooms onto existing homes, and I was able to find the company that gave us our paradise back.

The company that we chose is Envy Home Services, and they do much more than just sunrooms. They also do renovations inside like bathrooms, but we just needed the sunroom addition. I looked at some of the before and after pictures that they have on their site, and the difference is just phenomenal. I so wanted that room where I could just sit and put my feet up, feeling the sun or watching the sunset, depending on the time of day.

The yard is perfect too. There are no houses that are really close, so we would have complete privacy. That is a good thing since we plan on spending a good bit of our free time there. We are not the type to go out. We are just as content on sitting in the sunroom, listening to music, reading a good book, watching a TV show, or just talking. We even had a lot of meals in our old sunroom, because it is just a room that is that inviting. The company was able to give us the sunroom of our dreams, and it is definitely everything we could have hoped for, and more!