A Show Plate for His Birthday

I wanted to get my husband something unique for his birthday. I had the typical gifts already picked out, including a night out with friends as well as a nice dinner the day after just for the two of us. But, I did not know what to get him as a gift. We don’t acquire a lot of stuff because we live in a small house with an attached garage so there is really no room for a lot. I was looking around online, and as soon as I saw an ad for GB Show Plates, I knew that was where I was heading to get him a gift.

I would have never even thought of show plates without seeing that ad, and I knew that this was something he would really enjoy even though it was not on his radar either. I went to the website and looked at all the information there, and I was excited because I knew he would really enjoy hanging a show plate in his garage. That is really his domain, and I knew that a custom made show plate would be the perfect addition for one of the walls there.

It was super easy to order, even though I had never ordered anything like this before. The website was just so easy, and it walked me through everything. A really neat part of the ordering process is that with each new change that I made to the plate I was designing, it was updated with a picture right there on the site. There was no second guessing anything since the product was right there in front of me. I was able to design him a really cool show plate, and I know he is going to like it when he unwraps it next week.