A Present from My Vacation Experience

After coming back from my vacation in the Caribbean, I noticed that there was a mole on my chest and made an appointment at an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore. I wasn’t sure how the mole got there, and I was worried that it might have come from sun exposure. I put on a lot of sun screen, and I was pretty sure that moles didn’t just grow in a few days of being exposed to the sun. I didn’t really know what to think, but I wanted to get rid of the mole, because it was unsightly and I didn’t like seeing it when I wasn’t wearing my shirt.

At the clinic, the doctors there told me that removing the mole would be an easy procedure and that I would be able to go on about my normal daily activities when I got it removed. This was especially good news to hear, because I needed to go back to work and earn a living. I live on my own, so there is no one else to take care of me if something happens to me. Eliminating the mole was as easy as pointing a laser at it and pressing a button.

Once the mole was removed, the doctors covered up the area with a bandage and told me that I would have to apply some topical medication to make sure that the area where the mole was healed properly. I had to come back for a follow up after a few weeks. Once the area where the mole was had finally healed, there was barely even a noticeable scar. The human body is so weird with how things just randomly grow out of it, but I’m glad that medical science has advanced to the point where these things can be easily removed.