A House We Can Call Home

When I decided to start looking for a new house, I knew what that really meant was that I had to start looking at Palo Alto real estate agents to find the one who would be able to find me the perfect home. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have the time nor desire to look at a bunch of houses that I would probably reject. I would rather have someone look at the different houses that fit my criteria and put a list together for me so I could just look at all of them at once.

With the kind of money I am willing to pay for a house, I knew that I would be able to find the right agent. I did a cursory search at first to narrow down the list, but it turns out that just name went on the list. I was impressed with her website, so I contacted her immediately to tell her what I wanted. I needed a home that has at least four bedrooms and four bathrooms, but preferably five. I also wanted a theater room, a large dining room, and a kitchen that would make the most professional chef weep with joy.

My wife likes to cook, and I wanted the kitchen to be perfect for her. Our three children are all movie buffs, which is why I wanted the theater room. The large dining room is because we are a traditional family. Even with my busy work schedule, we try to have at least three or four meals at home together as a family. When I gave my agent a list of requests, she immediately gave me two links to look at. She is so good that we are now calling one of the houses she showed me our home!