A Good Time While Traveling

Last week I spent some time with a redhead escort service in Salt Lake City and it was a great experience. I was passing through Utah on the way to Nevada, and stopped there for a couple of days. I was planning on getting an escort once I got to Nevada, but I didn’t want to wait, so I decided to have a little fun early. I have a preference for redheaded women. There’s something about the color of their hair that really drives me wild. I guess it helps that my favorite color is also red, but it just looks so great as a woman’s hair color.

Whenever I go out with an escort, I treat the situation the same way as if I were going out on a date with a regular person. I took her out for dinner, dancing and a little wine. Some people just like to jump right to intimacy, but I prefer to take things a little slower. We have all night to have that kind of fun, so there’s no need to rush into things when we can just enjoy each other’s company for a little while. I feel that things go a little better this way, because the both of us can get comfortable and loosen up.

Since I had no idea what were the best places in Salt Lake City to go for eating and dancing, I asked the escort for recommendations. She named some places and we decided on one that would be a good fit for the evening. We had a nice meal that had some great portions for the price I paid. After a little time had passed, we went dancing, cooled down at a wine bar, and then went back to my hotel room for the night.